Natural Power Solutions, LLC

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Residential - Residential customers looking to invest in longer term alternate energy solutions to minimize their carbon footprint & enhance the overall value of their residence.

Commercial - Commercial customers of all sizes looking to minimize their dependence on local grids, optimize their overall energy consumption & leverage tax incentives available to them.

Government - Government locations developing environmentally-friendly facilities focused on utilizing alternate energy & minimizing energy waste & redundancy as a critical go forward step in reducing the carbon footprint.

Architects - Environmentally-conscious designers looking to develop buildings that minimize fossil-fuel driven energy consumption through utilization of locally-available alternate energy solutions and better design.

Building Contractors - Builders planning to construct energy-efficient facilities as well as parking lots that may be able to be leveraged as stations for gathering energy from natural sources to minimize dependence on more traditional energy resources & add value to overall structure being constructed.

Energy Marketing or Finance Companies - Energy-focused sellers & financiers requiring Engineering consultation & product design to enable offering of a total solution for their customers.