Natural Power Solutions, LLC

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Richard G. Stine - VP Quality and Reliability Engineering

As Vice President of Quality & Reliability Engineering for Natural Power Solutions, Richard G. Stine's focus is on the ability of a system or a component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. The NPS approach of ensuring that its innovative designs are functional under all possible conditions, as outlined in solution development planning with the customer, is led with precision by Mr. Stine.

Mr. Stine has over 30 years of experience as quality management professional. Rick has been a leader in competitive intelligence/analysis, failure analysis and process development, producing quality improvements and cost reduction.  He has been a key player in the spectrum of conceptual product design through new product introductions resulting in the collaboration of 4 patents, currently pending approval.

Mr. Stine has generated significant improvements to Pitney Bowes’ total product quality, reliability and customer experience during his extended tenure as critical leader in Quality Management.  He has analyzed competitive equipment to determine if there were any infringements of intellectual property while compiling competitive databases to enable a sales force of over 2,000 to generate multi-million dollar contract awards and significant increases in global market share.

Mr. Stine has been certified as an Emergency Medical technician and has received multiple certifications in competitive benchmarking & tactical analysis. He received his BSEE from Bridgeport Engineering Institute in Fairfield, CT.

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