Natural Power Solutions, LLC

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Robert J. Applegate - VP Research and Development

Robert J. Applegate's responsibility as Vice President of Research & Development at Natural Power Solutions leverages his effective & thorough approach to creating new solutions through synthesis of emerging technological developments with basic electrical tenets. His continuing quest for knowledge-expansion & boundary-testing has led to 'out of the box' propositions & cutting edge solutions.

Mr. Applegate has over 30 years of hardware, software and model design experience.  He has been awarded US patents for nuclear cardiology apparatus and method.  Bob has authored numerous technical papers on nuclear medical instrumentation, optical engineering, computed radiology and other subject relating to integrated circuitry, digital signal processing, etc. Bob is considered an expert in digital subtraction angiography, computed radiology, high speed communications devices and systems as well as secure data processing and control of electromechanical devices.  His expertise in electrical wiring and development of efficient, secure grids is enabling better use of technology in renewable energy applications.

In addition to being an expert in systems solution development, Mr. Applegate is an accomplished Electrical Engineer and Project Manager.  He has used his analytical skills to design communication systems, technology to convert records to digital formats and software to enable high speed office equipment.  He has provided significant contributions on projects focused on design of electrical wiring systems and high voltage testing equipment.

Mr. Applegate is a member of the IEEE Engineering Management Society and IEEE Computer Society. He is a graduate of the University of Hartford (BS in Electrical Engineering) and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (MS in Computer Science).

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